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    This site isn't like the typical book promotion venture. It's designed to specifically help the Indie Author (or self-published). How so? By making it easy for readers to find their next read. Books are listed by genre and sub-genre into bookshelves.


    If your question is not answered below, please email me: msl_007@live.com

    Will you list any book?
    How does a book qualify?
    How are books promoted?
    What is a bump?

    Will you list any book?

    No, books listed here have gone through a qualification process in the hopes that low-quality, self-published books are weeded out.

    How does a book qualify?

    There are several ways.

    1. Have at least 10 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.0 or more.
    2. Have at least 5 reviews on Amazon and 80% of the reviews are 4.0 or 5.0.
    3. Received a 4 or 5 star review from The Masquerade Crew.
    4. Should none of the above qualify a book, a judgement call (based upon available reviews and a sampling) from me or someone on my staff may be used.

    How are books promoted?

    There are two levels of promotion: basic and premium.


    • 10 tweets a week promoting your listing on this site. (Number of weeks this Twitter marketing campaign will last will depend on how many others are being promoted at the same time. Older campaigns will be taken off as the feed for @IndBk reaches capacity.)
    • 2 sub-genre bumps. (These can be used at anytime, and I will only guarantee a bumped position in each sub-genre for 1 day.)


    • 20 tweets each week (10 more than a basic promotional package.)
    • 5 sub-genre bumps.
    • 1 site-wide bump. (I will guarantee your book is in the top most slot for one day. This will also guarantee the highest listing for each sub-genre the book is listed under.)
    • Your book will also be promoted through a unique network of Twitter followers powered by Triberr. This network is still being built, so this feature will be held until later. Those that purchase this package now will be promoted in this manner at some point in the future.
    • Your book will appear on a special book shelf (bookcase) for all Premium books. This shelf will be advertised on a regular basis via Twitter and Facebook.

    What is a bump?

    Much like bumping a message to the top of a thread in an online forum, your book listing can be bumped ahead of the others in the same bookshelf. Any bump will affect the placement in all sub-genres that the book is listed under since the only thing we have to do is change the date of the listing, but the only guaranteed bump is the specific sub-genre chosen (for a basic sub-genre bump). Whether you appear at the top of a particular sub-genre or at the top of all listings depends on the package purchased.

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