This book is a sci-fi short story with a twist. Of the vampiric variety.

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    Burn in Starlight

    By James Lauren

    Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy

    Synopsis: Kitiara Oshida is on her way to a new start on a newly discovered frontier world when she is awakened from cryosleep to save the colony vessel from a fiery encounter.

    That would be bad enough on it's own, but all is not entirely as it seems...

    To read an excerpt, click HERE.


    This book is a sci-fi short story with a twist. Of the vampiric variety.

    It is...unique to say the least, but I kind of liked it. At first, I was very confused, but once I found out what was going on, I was like, okay, I'm intrigued. Not to spoil anything, I liked the plot but felt it lacked depth. There was more narration than dialogue and I felt for a story like this, a longer book was necessary. However, I kind of liked it and with the way it ended I wonder if there is going to be more. I think that would be nice.

    Author Bio

    Syndicated from Smashwords.

    James Lauren is a reptilian being hatched on a small planet in the outer fringes of the galaxy.

    He was hidden away on Earth in the 60's, by his parents who were rebel fighters fleeing a tyrannical galactic empire, and left to grow up in darkest Yorkshire where it was hoped the locals wouldn't notice his reptilian features, hidden as they were by the large sombrero he wears constantly in order to blend in.

    James Lauren is not actually his real name. That is unpronounceable to anyone who does not have a forked tongue and can speak in a sibilant hiss, so he chose to adopt James Lauren as it was the closest a human being could get to pronouncing his name without strangling themselves in the process.

    Being a lifelong fan of science fiction (much of which he knows to be actual historical accounting) and fantasy in all forms, he decided to turn his hand (or more accurately, claw) to writing.

    NOTE: In the best tradition of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy much of this bio is apocryphal, or at least wildly inaccurate.

    Places to find him online:

    Facebook: HERE
    Twitter: @JamesLauren31

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