Suspense Thriller: a story based on historical fact overflowing with suspense and intrigue.

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    By Craig O. Thompson

    Genre: Historical Fiction

    4.6 out of 5 Stars
    (checked on July 13, 2012)

    Synopsis: In 1995, CIA/FBI jointly discovered secret plans to recover a trove of priceless treasure from deep below the North Atlantic Ice Barrier, aboard the RMS Titanic. An ultra-zealous terrorist group competed against other divers, which set off a complex web of international intrigue and suspense.

    Dr. Cary Parker, Woods Hole oceanographer and archaeologist, was recruited by CIA's Colonel Bramson to beat both teams to the ship's grave. And a wave of worldwide terrorism was set into motion at 2077 fathoms, as a rare, priceless book and lost treasure became the primary focus of a triadic search. Parker, challenged the terrorists on his own turf, and what followed was an epic adventure of legendary proportions.

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    "Omar is a shocking, action-packed, highly recommended page-turner filled with suspense and plot twists to the end."

    "Omar is truly a journey of suspense, intrigue and mystery that is a MUST READ for all readers."

    "I must say that this is THE BEST BOOK I have read this year and well worth your time. I highly recommend it!"

    "It was easy to pick up and put down, and it always kept my attention."

    "The energy and depth of the story was exciting and well worth the price. I recommend it!"

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    Author Bio

    As an award-winning author, platform speaker, and expert on terrorism, Craig O. Thompson’s background includes over 20 years research on the subject. Thompson delivers keynote speeches on global terrorism and biological warfare, and leads disaster recovery planning workshops for the public and business community. He is the communications director for the International Association of Counterterrorism & Security Professionals and a member of the Institute for Business & Home Safety.

    Mr. Thompson has been writing for over thirty-five years. He first started with poetry and lyrical pieces—encouraged by Poet Laureate and Pulitzer prize-winning poet, Gwendolyn Brooks, and by renowned composer-pianist, Roger Williams. Further encouragement came from comedienne, Lucille Ball, after he attempted a script for The Lucy Show (Lucy personally read the script, rejected it, but told him not to give up writing).

    Years of writing copy for regional and national advertising markets—and for public relations campaigns—rounded out his ability to express his ideas. As a member of the National Speaker’s Association and International Platform Association, Mr. Thompson was published in an anthology titled Star Spangled Speakers. Following on the heals of these experiences, he moved on to larger literary pursuits.

    Craig O. Thompson’s first novel—OMAR—is actually his second.

    The first, a science-fiction fantasy thriller, was put on hold when the idea developed for OMAR. Now, he is re-exploring the inner-workings of the science fiction plot while gathering research for a non-fiction book; a possible sequel to OMAR—and other important character development and plot requirements for at least three more novels and screenplays in treatment stage or at various levels of progress. He is also adapting two screenplays.

    Mr. Thompson divides his time between enjoying all aspects of the visual, literary and performing arts to writing and spending time with his family. His principal endeavor has been the establishment of the St. Jude Foundation of Hope… funded through his writing, speaking, and consulting businesses.

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